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Our captains each have many years of experience with many different types of yachts - why not benefit from their experience. There are many reason you would need a licensed captain such as;

  • You are chartering a boat and you do not have the required experience. You need a licensed captain
  • You have you own boat and you need help running the vessel
  • You are lending your boat to somebody else who does not have enough experience or knowledge to operate it safely
  • Your insurance requires a licensed captain on board

We offer private lessons on your yacht as well!


Sailing Vessels

Expert Sailboat Instruction Our captains have taught the various ASA sailing courses for many years from ASA 101 to ASA 105. In addition to these core courses we can cover such topics as:

  • What to do in case of emergencies (man overboard, fire, sinking etc.)
  • How to best use all your electronics, especially important in limited visibility
  • How to make repairs on the go (mechanical/electrical)
  • How to prepare to cruise and live aboard



Power Vessels

Operating a power yacht is totally different than operating a sailboat. The power yacht is often heavier and larger than a sailboat with the potential to cause much damage quickly. Although navigation will be similar the systems, both mechanical and electrical, are often more complex.

Expert instruction and Services on all size of Power YachtsEngine maintenance becomes a much more complex and critical function. If the engines fail you are dead in the water and potentially in a dangerous situation. Fuel maintenance is also a critical issue for power yachts.