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For any questions you may have please to not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to speak with you about anything boat related. We are very fortunate to be in a profession in which we love sharing our enthusiasm.

San Diego Captains


Captain Nikolay (cell): 1-858-531-1175
Captain Assen (cell): 1-858-531-4788


If you cannot contact our cell phone then please call us on our Iridium Satellite phone - follow the steps below

Step 1 - Call 1-480-768-2500
Step 2 -When prompted, enter the Iridium phone number 8816 2240 6183 and wait to be connected.


In case we do not respond in a day to your phone call /we are offshore/, You can send us free SMS message to our Iridium phone. Just go to any of these web pages and send us a message with your name and phone number. We will call right back.


Delivery Tracking

When doing deliveries we update our position a few times a day using the find me service. To determine out current location on the planet, press the name of th eperson you are trying to locate.

Nickolay Alexandrov

Assen Alexandrov